Integral® Software and TM-30

Integral® Software and TM-30

Integral Software redefines the way light is measured and revolutionizes how lighting measurements and control are synthesized into useful information.

The innovative HTML5-based application software is for general lighting measurement control, test and reporting.

The Application Program Interface options were developed to work with your existing business software and product line integration.

Stay up to date with the latest industry lighting test requirement with Integral integrating spectrometer lighting measurement software.


  • illumiaPlus system control and reporting
  • IES TM-30-15, Fidelity and Gamut data as well as Distortion and Vector Graphics
  • CRI and CQS
  • ANSI C78.377-2015, SSL-2015 Coordinates, Fixed and Flex Binning
  • Total Spectral Flux, Power and Efficacy
  • Lamp and Luminaire warm-up stability control and reporting
  • Configured for more than 30 leading light test hardware including Labsphere, Chroma, Yokogawa, Arroyo and more
  • Mobile technology that eliminates the need to in the same place as the test and measurement hardware
  • Multiple users can access multiple test stations from anywhere
  • 32-bit API supports LabVIEW®, .NET, and C

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