Labsphere On-Site Spectral Radiance Calibrations

New service provides cost effective and accurate uniform source calibrations.

Labsphere now offers on-site calibration services for all brands of integrating sphere Uniform Source Systems.  Global Distribution Manager Richard Corbyn explains “This service is something that many of our customers have been requesting over the years, and Labsphere is pleased to be able to offer a cost effective solution.  Having this service done on-site at the customer’s facility is a huge advantage:  less downtime, no expensive dismantling or transit costs, and flexible scheduling to meet the customer’s needs.”

This service features a professional assessment of the overall condition of system, re-lamping the sphere with before and after measurements, optional power supply calibration, and Labsphere’s signature certified calibration with NIST traceable measurements with reported uncertainty.

On-Site Spectral Radiance Calibration Service is recommended if the system lamps have been operated for more than 50 hours, the uniform source system is more than two years old, or the system has been operated/stored in a dusty environment.  Additionally, if a customer’s Quality Management System mandates annual calibrations on critical measurement equipment, or if the monitor detector disagrees with the original calibration certificate, it’s recommended that the system be checked by a professional and recalibrated as needed.

For pricing and detailed technical information on this service, please contact Labsphere Customer Service at +1-603-927-4266 or 

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