Labsphere UV-2000S at International Sun Protection Conference

Can Nature help us to develop future sun protection strategies?

That’s the theme of this year’s International Sun Protection Conference to be held in London June 9-10. Labsphere, partnered with exclusive representative Pro-Lite Technology, is a co-sponsor of the prestigious event again this year.

Technical discussions will explore modern sunscreen protection options and take a look at how natural products, and human nature in using sun protection solutions, should be considered in developing a future strategy for the industry.


Most countries now require some aspect of UVA protection in addition to the traditional UVB protection provided by traditional sun screens. This broad spectrum of protection can be measured only via in vitro testing. Labsphere’s UV-2000S SPF Analyzer will be on display for scientists to use as they evaluate test and measurement options for sun protection solutions.

About Labsphere              

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