HELIOS Power Supplies

The HELIOS LPS Power Supplies offer two high power dynamic options for lamp power in the HELIOS family. Precision 400W and 850W DC Current and Voltage programmable power supplies run all standard HELIOS Internal and External lamps. HELIOS uses this power supply as the heart of the extreme current stability and performance in its QTH and Plasma sources. It is a modular, compact and rugged design in a 1U x ½” Rack design weighing just over 11 lbs. The HELIOSense software uses the full digital switching range, resolution and capability of the unit although there are also front panel controls and displays (lower resolution). The LPS-400 comes electrically pre-wired to safely drop into any HELIOS rack slot with an inclusive electrical bulkhead for easy installation at the modular knockouts in the HELIOS racks. In addition the LPS-400 comes standard with a 3 year performance warranty and has been thoroughly test for vibration and accelerated thermal conditions to ensure long term stable performance of HELIOS systems.

HELIOS Power Supplies Applications & Capabilities