LPS Power Supplies

The LPS-100 Power Supply ramps up in only 20 seconds, extending the life and performance of the lamp. Timers track lamp operation time, and power supply operations can be run from the front panel or remotely off a TTL connection.

The LPS-100 Power Supply operates single-supply or intricate multi-power applications such as remote sensing calibration systems. Light measurement system and sensor calibration system upgrades are easily implemented through a wide variety of interchangeable light source assemblies, lamp standards, and complimentary power supplies. Power supplies can be rack-mounted or stand-alone.


  • Preset Regulated DC Current
  • Controlled Current Ramp Up
  • Lamp Operation Timer
  • Easy On/Off Operation
  • Front Panel or Remote TTL Control



  • Lamp Standards for Light Test and Calibration Systems
  • Light Source Assemblies for Camera Calibration Systems
  • Multi-Lamped Large Area Remote Sensor Calibration Systems

LPS Power Supplies Applications & Capabilities