SpectrALL Digital Polychromator Light Engine


Unmatched programmable high resolution spectral outputs

Labsphere’s new SpectrALL Digital Polychromator Light Engine delivers unprecedented levels of flexibility and speed to a wide range of scientific and technical applications. 

SpectrALL light engine (patent pending) uses a continuous-spectrum light source and polychromator technology to offer incomparable control over generated spectral waveforms. The SpectrALL light engine can reproduce complex spectral features with a precision that enables high-resolution simulation of standard illuminants as well as natural or synthetic sources and emissions. SpectrALL can be adapted to an integrating sphere to create a uniform source for flat-fielding applications, or to optical light guides and collimators for remote sample spectral illumination.


• Controllable variable light output levels

• Fast switching and settling time

• Digital performance feedback

• User-friendly software interface 


• Unmatched programmable high resolution spectral outputs 

• Spectral reproduction over the visible range

• Unlimited user programmable spectra

• Spectrally pure, avoid channel cross talk in multicoloring imaging

• Low heat

• Traceable calibrations

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SpectrALL Digital Polychromator Light Engine Applications & Capabilities