SpectrALL Polychromatic Calibration Source


Building on our experience with solid-state tunable light sources, the SpectrALL Calibration Source uses a continuous-spectrum light source and polychromator technology to offer incomparable control over generated spectral waveforms. 

SpectrALL Calibration Source can reproduce complex spectral features with a precision that enables high-resolution simulation of standard illuminants as well as natural or synthetic sources and emissions. SpectrALL is a uniform source for flat-fielding applications and can be adapted to optical light guides and collimators for remote sample spectral illumination.

SpectrALL is capable of producing a near-perfect match to almost any target spectral waveform in the visible-light region by using a sophisticated spectral matching algorithm. It can render narrow-band targets on the order of 10 nm full-width half-max, broad VIS spectra and complex shapes.

• Unmatched programmable high resolution spectral outputs
• Unlimited spectral reproduction over the visible range
• Accurately simulated OLED, MicroLED and LED displays
• Simulate RGB and broadband backlighting
• Reproduce indoor lighting conditions
• Spectrally pure, avoid channel cross talk in multicoloring imaging
• Traceable calibrations with integrated QTH calibration lamp and spectrometer

• Calibrate colorimeters and spectrophotometers
• Correct for tristimulus color mismatch errors
• Compare and differentiate instrument performance
• Test filtered and unfiltered optical sensor response
• Optimize display color reproduction

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