Visible-NIR Tunable Spectral Fiber Illuminator

The spectral fiber illuminator is a highly uniform source of spectral irradiation that can accurately reproduce almost any spectrum from 390 nm to 1000 nm. One instrument produces unlimited spectrums. The fiber illuminator is a compact and robust instrument designed to easily mount in a production test station with active spectral feedback and user recalibration feature.


• Resolution and Accuracy – 32 channels in the Visible and NIR

• User Spectral Optimization – Quickly simulate any spectrum

• Create and match the combination of multiple spectrums

• Performance Metrics – Built-in spectral fidelity metric A’ and color performance matching metrics of any simulated spectra 

• Built-in spectrometer monitor and feedback loop to ensure accurate spectral output and correction for every wavelength channel

• Built-in user spectral flux reference for user recalibration

• Extended use life with built in user recharacterization and calibration features 

• No down time returning unit for recalibration

• DC constant current drivers and thermal control for continuous stable performance

• Liquid light guide illumination

• Exceptional uniform spectral irradiance

• Quick Integration – Compact and robust for tester and production line integration

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