Wide Angle FOV Color Tunable Sources

Highly Uniform Illumination Over Wide FOV

The 7.5 cm diameter port enables test and
calibration with highly uniform illumination over
360o x 200o field of view. Ideal for flat fielding
fish eye lens imagers.

Trusted Test Data

Labsphere is a recognized leader in
image sensor calibration sources. Our Tunable
Image Sensor Characterization Sources
are engineered for the high performance
requirements in image sensor production testing
and calibration.

Save Money, Save Space

One instrument produces multiple spectrums.
Large area uniform luminance field in a
compact and robust instrument. The sources
are designed to easily mount in a production test

Repeatable, Reproducible Results

With Labsphere’s diffuse reflectance material,
Spectralon®, and thermal-controlled
LED module, long term repeatability and
reproducibility are ensured.

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