Halfmoon Light Measurement Systems

Designed to measure forward emitting lamps, LEDs, and board-mounted, heat-sinked LED light engines for Solid State Lighting (SSL), the HalfMoon Systems feature a Spectraflect® coated hemisphere capped with an interior mirrored surface. This mirrored surface creates a virtual integrating sphere within the interior.

The HalfMoon Systems are built around a 12, 20 and 40-inch diameter hemispheres. At the diameter, the hemisphere is capped with an interior mirrored surface, creating a virtual integrating sphere within the hemisphere. A centrally placed port within the mirrored surface allows for the device under test (DUT) to be mounted internally while keeping the electrical and thermal controls of the DUT outside the measurement sphere. This minimizes absorption errors associated with traditional full sphere designs.

The central mounting of the HalfMoon sphere allows for users to easily mount the lamp in the center of the sphere. Center mounting combined with the internal mirrored surface allows for symmetrical light distribution by the specular image thus minimizing integration error within the sphere. The hemispherical design of the HalfMoon System also requires less workspace because of its smaller footprint.


  • Larger Forward Flux Emitting Light Engines Measured with Half the Footprint of a Regular Integrating Sphere System.
  • Lamp Standard of Forward Flux Minimizes Substitution Errors between the Lamp Standard and the DUT
  • Radiometric, Photometric and Colorimetric Characterization Capabilities
  • Easy Mounting Capabilities
  • Spectraflect® Coated Hemisphere


  • Total Spectral Flux
  • Luminous Flux
  • Radiant Flux
  • Chromaticity
  • CCT
  • CRI
  • Peak Wavelength
  • Dominant Wavelength


  • LEDs
  • LED Light Engines
  • SSL Fixtures
  • Displays

Halfmoon Light Measurement Systems Applications & Capabilities