LPMS Laser Power Measurement Systems

Collecting the total radiant power emitted by highly divergent or collimated sources. 

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Laser Power Measurement System

Labsphere's Pulsed Laser Power Measurement Systems assure an accurate, reproducible method of determining the total power from a collimated or divergent laser or laser diode. Specifically designed for laser applications, LPMS spheres are ideal for measuring the total power of a beam of optical radiance. Because of the unique geometry of the sphere, beam power measurements are independent of beam polarization, and are insensitive to beam alignment. The systems provide options for laser power measurement over the 350 to 1800 nm wavelength region for optical powers ranging from 0.1uw to hundreds of watts. The system’s calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Each system consists of a laser power measurement sphere, post, post holder and base assembly, a detector assembly, and multi-wavelength calibration. A second detector port gives the user the flexibility to add an additional detector assembly for broader spectral sensitivity, or add a spectrometer for spectral characterization.
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Uncooled Laser Power Measurement Sphere

Independent of beam geometry and without the need for auxiliary optics, Labsphere’s Laser Power Measurement Spheres are ideal for collecting the total radiant power emitted by highly divergent sources, such as laser diodes as well as a collimated laser beam. Accurate, repeatable measurements may be performed quickly and easily without painstaking positioning and alignment procedures. Integrating sphere measurements of laser power also eliminate polarization effects often associated with filter attenuation techniques.
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Cooled Laser Power Measurement Sphere

Liquid-cooled Laser Power Measurement Spheres include three sizes of liquid cooled integrating spheres, designed for performing power measurements of high power pulsed and continuous wave lasers. Coated with Infragold® high reflectance coating for measurements over the 700 nm – 20 μm wavelength range, the liquid-cooled design can handle a maximum power density of 2 kw/cm2 (CW for 1 second exposure at 10.6 μm) while greatly reducing the self emission that would result from an uncooled sphere.
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