Permaflect® Durable Diffuse Reflectance Coatings

The only choice when durability matters most

• Durable
• Diffuse
• Repeatable
• Reproducible
• Highly Lambertian

Labsphere’s Permaflect proprietary near Lambertian white and grey reflectance coatings are engineered for use in applications where hostile environments and wear may affect typical reflectance coatings. 

In addition to providing Permaflect as an option for your coated pieces, Labsphere offers Permaflect Diffuse Reflectance Targets in a wide range of sizes. 

Permaflect is used in applications in the UV-VIS and NIR from 250 nm to 2500 nm.  It is applied by spraying the coating onto a specially prepared surface.  For best results, Permaflect should be applied to metal or glass substrates. 


  • Light Measurement Integrating Spheres
  • Proximity Sensor Calibration
  • Light/Sensor Compensation
  • Machine Vision
  • Camera Noise Correction
  • Medical Imager Calibration
  • VIS-NIR Applications in Hostile Environments


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Permaflect® Durable Diffuse Reflectance Coatings Applications & Capabilities