Spectralon® Diffuse Reflectance Material


>99% Diffuse Reflectance
Extremely Lambertian
Chemically Inert
Thermally Stable
Environmentally Stable
NIST Traceable Calibration


Optical Components
Densitometer Standards
Remote Sensing Targets

Labsphere’s Spectralon Reflectance Material can be machined into a wide variety of shapes for the construction of optical components. The material has hardness roughly equal to that of high-density polyethylene and is thermally stable to >400°C.

Spectralon Reflectance Material gives the highest diffuse reflectance of any known material or coating over the UV-VIS-NIR region of the spectrum.

In-house machining allows samples to be created quickly and easily, and modified throughout the design, prototyping and testing process. This manufacturing flexibility means low or high volume quantities can be ordered. Labsphere’s engineering staff has an established industry-wide reputation for its knowledge and experience in laser pump chamber design and often collaborates with customers to develop custom Spectralon designs.


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