Uniform Source Systems

Labsphere’s integrating sphere USS systems are designed to provide high performance and flexibility. Utilizing Labsphere’s ILHS and EHLS stable light sources, the systems are designed to operate at 3000K from minimum output to maximum output with little to no color shift.

Available in 6, 8, 12, and 20 inch diameters, these high quality systems use Labsphere-designed LPS current regulated power supplies, SC 6000 system control radiometer with 100 programmable calibrations, and our MC-1000 motor controller for the integrated variable radiance controlled systems or manually operated equivalents. To ensure unmatched linearity, the USS systems are designed with the luminance/radiance monitor positioned to collect the radiance of the sphere wall opposite the sphere’s radiance port. All USS systems are calibrated for luminance monitoring and offer additional calibration options. Systems are available in manual control, or fully automated with MtrX-USS control software. 

Not seeing the system that meets your requirements? Not a problem, these systems are modular in design. The IHLS and EHLS light source and LPS power supplies are interchangeable. The photo detectors are interchangeable from 250 nm to 1800 nm, and we offer an assortment of port accessories to tailor the systems to the application.

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