Programmable Power Supplies

The programmable benchtop DC power supplies
operate single-supply or intricate multi-power
applications such as remote sensing calibration
systems. Light measurement system upgrades
and sensor calibration systems are easily
implemented through a wide variety of interchangeable
light source assemblies, lamp standards,
and complimentary power supplies.

The power supplies are designed to accurately
provide DC current to Labsphere’s internal and
external reference lamps and other light sources.
The current output is selected and set in the LPS
configuration software included with the power
supply. On/Off control is done through the front
panel or external trigger.

• Programmable regulated DC current
• Programmable regulated DC voltage
• Controlled current ramp up
• Lamp operation timer
• Easy on/off operation
• Front panel or remote control
• Current, voltage readback

Front panel features
• On/Off button to turn the lamp on and off
• Info button to change the information displayed
(status, run time, set up configuration,
display brightness)
• LED indicators for:
- Power
- Error
- Remote mode
- Output on

Reader panel features
• Lamp Power and Sense
• External remote trigger
• USB for remote programming

• Programmable DC power supply
• LPS configuration software
• Operators manual
• Power cord

Sold separately
• Lamps
• Lamp cables

Programmable Power Supplies Applications & Capabilities