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FLARE is a new capability for performing the vicarious radiometric calibration of high, medium, and low spatial resolution sensors.  Learn more and watch live and animated videos on our FLARE-Network site.

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The SPecular Array Radiometric Calibration (SPARC) method employs convex mirrors to create two arrays of calibration targets for deriving absolute calibration coefficients of Earth remote sensing systems in the solar reflective spectrum. The first is an array of single mirrors used to oversample the sensor’s point spread function (PSF) providing necessary spatial quality information needed to perform the radiometric calibration of a sensor when viewing small targets. The second is a set of panels consisting of multiple mirrors designed to stimulate detector response with known at-sensor irradiance traceable to the exo-atmospheric solar spectral constant. The combination of these arrays with a targeting station is the basis for a new, on-demand commercial calibration network called FLARE.


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