Flicker-BT Test Accessory

Flicker-BT Test Accessory
Flicker-BT Test Accessory Video

Flicker-BT is a high-speed illuminance meter designed to measure temporal lighting artifacts. The sensor is integrated with a signal condition module that connects directly to a PC. No external power is required. Data acquisition and analysis is performed with the Flicker-IP software.

Features and Reporting

  • Selectable Sampling Rate
  • Selectable Scan Duration (Measurement Period) 
  • Selectable Recording Intervals
  • Lamp Light Output Periodic Frequency
  • Percent Flicker
  • Flicker Index
  • Stroboscopic Visibility Measure (SVM)
  • Short Term Flicker (Pst)
  • ASSIST Flicker Perception Metric (Mp)
  • Digital Exportable of RAW Data (excluding Pst)
  • Fraction of Rated Light Output Integrated over Measurement Period
  • Percent Amplitude Modulation at Selected Frequencies
  • Precision Cosine Receiver
  • Robust Carry and Storage Case

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