The HLMS-200P is an easy to use, precision photometric instrument designed for use in the field, laboratory or on the production floor.

NIST Traceable Calibration
Spectral Correction
Auto Ranging
Auto Zero
Display/Hold Function
Automatic Switch Off
4 Digit LCD Display
Low Battery Indicator
Optional Bench Mount

Small Lamps
Fiber Illuminators

The HLMS-200P instrument measures luminous flux from sources such as LEDs, small lamps and fiber illuminators. The instrument’s photopically filtered silicon detector provides maximum sensitivity at low light levels. Sensitivity over five full decades provides the ability to measure from 0.05 to 7,000 lumens. A calibration certificate with calibration traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is included.

The HLMS-200P is compact, lightweight, and rugged with a handle-grip enclosure and a built-in microprocessor that performs several functions at the touch of a button.

Data is instantly displayed on an easy-to-read 4-digit front panel LCD display. Simple push button controls are easily accessible and clearly labeled on the front panel. The instrument is powered by a 9V battery and is calibrated to display lumens.

HLMS-200P Applications & Capabilities

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