Ultralow Reflectance Material

Understanding the sensitivity of Lidar and ToF systems at low reflectance (<5%) has proved difficult due to a lack of spectrally flat optical reflectance materials.

Labsphere's Spectrablack targets and materials solve this problem.

Spectrablack is a low reflectance, light absorbing material that is resistant to abrasion and ideal for indoor near normal sensor characterization applications and light shielding/optical scattering prevention in OEM optical systems.


  • ToF and LIDAR low reflectance Range testing
  • Light shielding/absorbing: utilizes the light absorbing effect of the micro porous surface
  • Optical scattering prevention in optical systems, optical measuring instruments, cameras, etc.
  • Spectrometer and spectrophotometer stray light reduction
  • Non-reflective sheeting and general light shielding material

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