6080 White Reflectance Coating

Labsphere’s 6080 White Reflectance Coating is a specially formulated Barium Sulfate coating descended from Kodak’s and Munsell’s well-known white reflectance coatings. This coating is intended for customers with small-scale applications, those that require a touchup to their original application, or those who wish to prototype components using a high-reflectance white coating. This non-luminescent coating yields reflectance values of 95 to 98% over the wavelength region from 300 to 1200 nm.
6080 is ideal for use in integrating spheres, reflectance spectrophotometers, sphere photometers, lamp housings, display backlight reflectors, optical components and other applications that call for diffuse illumination or reflectance. This coating also allows Labsphere Spectraflect® coated integrating sphere systems to be touched up in-between system recalibrations and re-coatings.

6080 White Reflectance Coating Applications & Capabilities