Spectralon® Color Standards

Made of Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance Material, these color standards offer exceptional reflectance properties that are nearly perfectly Lambertian. Unlike ceramic tiles, Spectralon is independent of viewing geometry.

The reflectance of Spectralon Color Standards is extremely consistent and reproducible. This quality helps eliminate gross margins of error in manufacturing processes of color-dependent products such as paints or inks.

The high thermal stability of Spectralon Color Standards eliminates the need to rigorously control the temperature in the laboratory. The slight color change of the standards with increasing temperature is extremely gradual and can be easily monitored.

Spectralon Color Standards are durable, washable and easily machined without loss of color or surface texture. The standards retain uniformity throughout, despite daily exposure to harsh environments.

Spectralon Diffuse Color Standards aid in developing consistent color reproduction for manufacturers of products such as textiles, papers, pharmaceuticals, paints and inks. These color standards provide highly stable, reproducible spectral reflectance.

These properties – Lambertian behavior, durability and stability – make Spectralon Diffuse Color Standards the ideal choice for calibrating colorimeters and spectrophotometers.

Spectralon® Color Standards Applications & Capabilities