Spectralon® Calibrated Multi-Component Wavelength Standards

The Spectralon® Multi-Component Wavelength Calibration Standard combines three rare earth oxides — holmium oxide, erbium oxide, and dysprosium oxide — to provide a consistently stable standard that exhibits high resolvable peaks and strong absorbance characteristics. The standard is used for establishing the accuracy of the wavelength scale of reflectance spectrophotometers.

Made from Labsphere’s proprietary Spectralon® Diffuse Reflectance Material, these durable, washable and chemically inert standards are ideal for calibration of monochromators and reflectance spectrophotometer system arrays.

Calibration data for peak absorbance wavelengths and relative to maximum absorbance is provided with the standard. Calibration is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Spectralon® Calibrated Multi-Component Wavelength Standards Applications & Capabilities