LiDAR Reflectometer Kit

LiDAR Reflectometer Kit
LiDAR Reflectometer Kit Video

The reflectometer is designed to provide an easy to use portable method for field testing the reflectance of LiDAR targets and anything else at your LiDAR wavelength! Options include 850 nm, 905 nm and 1550 nm. The test wavelengths are specific to LiDAR wavelengths. The reflectometer measurement head is compact and ergonomically designed for single hand use for spot reflectance measurements across the target. Data is captured real-time for immediate validation. Accuracy is assured with a NIST traceable reflectance kit for user calibration prior to every use.


  • Portable for field testing of LiDAR targets and other objects
  • Traceable reflectance measurements at your finger tips
  • Measure reflectance at either 850 nm, 905 nm or 1550 nm
  • Cover full reflectance scale from 2% to 99%
  • Robust and cleanable for field use with carry case and reference set
  • One person can test and operate: wireless, finger trigger and touch display
  • Exportable data for full analysis


  • Field calibration/validation of LiDAR target
  • Reflectance of debris at LiDAR wavelength
  • In house calibration and reporting at LiDAR wavelengths
  • Product qualification

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