Illumia®Plus2 Virtual Demo

Illumia®Plus2 Virtual Demo
Illumia®Plus2 Virtual Demo Video
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Experience how Labsphere's Illumia®Plus2 systems meet today's stringent lighting test requirements in a Live Interactive Online Demonstration


Take a tour of the leading LM-79 integrating sphere spectroradiometers with Integral software. Labsphere will walk you through a live demonstration of the hardware and software features and updates that address the latest industry standards requirements for energy efficient lighting testing. Witness this live demonstration while interacting with the host in this personal experience.      

Learn more by signing up for your personal online demo of the illumia Plus2 600-050-4PI and how the Illumia Plus2 systems can bring your products to market faster.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Demo  Reference Promo Code IP2DEMO at the bottom of the form. 

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