SpectrAll Tunable Sources Webinar

SpectrAll Tunable Sources Webinar
SpectrAll Tunable Sources Webinar Video

Innovations in Tunable Calibration Sources


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Continuous improvement in imaging and sensing sensors demands ever better test and calibration tools. More and more businesses rely on modern measurement practices to be competitive and outstanding. Labsphere provides knowledge, reliable equipment, and services to empower our customers.

Labsphere, Inc. a leading supplier of image sensor and display test sources continues to address industries' test needs with its NEW SpectrALL product line of tunable calibration reference sources. Experience the range of power tunable, color tunable, fine tunable, ultra tunable, and quantum tunable sources tailored to sensor and display test, characterization, and validation.

What to Expect:
• Evaluate interesting, and new tunable reference calibration sources for image and sensing sensor test and calibration
• Learn how flat fielding is achieved for wide-angle FOV fisheye cameras
• Witness the latest technologies in unlimited and unmatched spectral reproduction from a single uniform source.
• How to register for a personal interactive virtual demonstration tailored to your needs

Who should attend:
Imaging and Software Engineering, R&D, manufacturing, and testing/quality control professionals in the Image Sensors and Display Test industries as well as in automotive, commercial sensing, aerospace, medical, and any other fields that use optical sensors. Newcomers to photometric and radiometric calibration systems will benefit from this webinar. 

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