Spectra-UT Ultra Tunable Source Webinars

Spectra-UT Ultra Tunable Source Webinars
Spectra-UT Ultra Tunable Source Webinars Video

The Future of Spectrally Tunable Reference Sources Available Now

Join us for a Demonstration in Unmatched Spectral Light Distribution Reproduction and Creation from a Single Source

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Labsphere’s Ultra-Tunable Reference Light Sources can reproduce complex spectral features with a precision that enables high-resolution simulation of standard illuminants as well as natural or synthetic sources and emissions. The Spectra-UT products are highly uniform spectral radiance sources for optical imager response and image correction applications that can be adapted to optical light guides and baffle tubes for optical sensor spectral characterization.

This is not an LED based source. The Spectra-UT products can produce a near-perfect match to almost any targeted spectral waveform in the visible-light region by using digital technology and a sophisticated spectral matching algorithm. It can render narrow band to broadband spectra and complex spectral power distributions.

What to Expect:
• An overview this advanced technology
• A walk through the user interface that demonstrates unmatched spectral reproduction capabilities
• How to upload an unlimited source of spectral power distribution targets from a data base or real time spectroradiometer measurements
• Learn how these ultra-tunable sources can be used to calibrate filter-based colorimeters and normalize performance to the application
• See the value in an instrument that can optimize display color reproduction
• Observe how to characterize camera RGB response with wavelength and band pass control.

Who should attend:
Imaging and Software Engineering, R&D, manufacturing, and testing/quality control professionals in the Image Sensors and Display Test industries as well as in automotive, commercial sensing, aerospace, medical, and any other fields that use optical sensors. Newcomers to photometric and radiometric calibration systems will benefit from this webinar.

Spectra-UT Ultra Tunable Source Webinars Applications & Capabilities

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