Innovations in UV Light Measurement Technology

Theory, Applications, and Characterization

Validating improvements in Ultraviolet (UV) light sources requires accurate test and calibration tools.   With the increased demand for UV-C light sources due to Germicidal UV disinfection, more and more businesses are relying on modern measurement practices to be competitive and ensure their products meet performance and safety requirements. Labsphere provides knowledge, engineering capabilities, accurate test, and equipment services to empower our customers.

Labsphere’ s expert team of scientists and engineers design state of the art UV diffuse reflectance materials, material characterization solutions, and absolute UV light measurement solutions to address the industries’ growing interest in UV-C characterization. Join two of our engineers as we explore innovations in UV light measurement technology.

What to Expect:

  • Review the radiometric quantities used for UV light characterization
  • Discover the principles and applications of UV light
  • Understand UV-C light measurement fundamentals
  • Learn the importance of absolute wavelength and spectral flux calibrations for UV light measurement

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Who should attend:

Optical and Quality Engineering, R&D, manufacturing, and testing/quality control professionals in the light manufacturing and testing industries as well as those in medical, transportation, aerospace, and any other fields that use UV light. Newcomers to photometric and radiometric calibration systems will benefit from this webinar.