Consumer Electronics

Labsphere is a global leader in light metrology with over 35 years helping our customer advance the science of light.  Premium consumer electronics are pushing the science of imaging and light faster than any other.  Labsphere has a suite of products to advance your designs and capabilities in imaging technology, from the sensor to the product and at every level in between.

What's the Most Important Feature of your Handheld Device?

Research proves that most consumers consider the camera to be the most important feature they use. Labsphere's Tunable Camera Calibration Sources are innovative light metrology sources that let Smartphone OEMs and their Camera Module suppliers help each other to create the next generation of image interactive products.

The tunable source simplifies and enhances production testing of camera modules by eliminating multiple steps in the image quality correction process, with a choice of uniform standard illuminants and colors from one compact and robust source.

Labsphere’s CCS line of uniform sources with their unique engineered light solutions are specifically designed to enable camera calibration and are readily adaptable to provide variable levels of radiance and spectrums without affecting the uniformity of the scene presented to the camera being tested.

Custom Solutions that Meet Your Needs...and Your Time Frame

Labsphere has created thousands of customized solutions, tailored to the specific and often proprietary needs of our customers.  Our expert team of Scientists and Engineers continue to advance our nearly 40 years of experience in dozens of industries – and our Operations team quickly turns these into finished product through our internal prototype shop and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Contact Labsphere with your specialized needs today.