Research & Development

Paying for outside test agencies is expensive, and slows your product development – Labsphere has the answers

You no longer need an outside agency to properly test your products to meet the changing standards.  The costs are soaring, but more importantly, it severely slows your ability to introduce new products and advance your best sellers.  Labsphere can help you set up an internal lab to handle all of these issues quickly and cost effectively.  Contact Labsphere today.

What's your application?

It's Your System...Configure it to Work for You

Labsphere’s new HELIOS line of uniform sources for luminance and radiance offers a dynamic product family combining the best features from Labsphere’s 35+ years of uniform source product innovation. All systems are delivered with LabVIEW® and intelligent components for active system configuration into your existing infrastructure.

Choose your parameters:

  • Radiance (extra-terrestrial to night vision)
  • Spectrum and Radiance Temperature (>6500K to <1500K)
  • Dynamic Range and Resolution
  • Field of View
  • Uniformity and Aperture Size

Custom Solutions that Meet Your Needs...and Your Time Frame

Labsphere has created thousands of customized solutions, tailored to the specific and often proprietary needs of our customers.  Our expert team of Scientists and Engineers continue to advance our nearly 40 years of experience in dozens of industries – and our Operations team quickly turns these into finished product through our internal prototype shop and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Contact Labsphere with your specialized needs today.

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